The MCH program includes registration of all pregnant women in project villages and follow-up during the delivery and postnatal phase until the newborn becomes one year old. Female health workers (FHWs) and traditional birth attendants (TBAs) are trained by ARCH to perform MCH activities:
Ante-natal Care

  • Regular check-ups of all pregnant women of the village
  • Distribution of iron folic supplement, calcium supplement and symptomatic treatment with necessary nutrition education to mothers
  • Timely referral of all high-risk pregnant women to well equipped-hospitals


  • In these areas, most of the deliveries are conducted at home by untrained TBAs in very unhygienic and unsafe ways. ARCH conducts 10-day training for these TBAs about safe and hygienic delivery.
  • Two TBAs are selected from each village for the training. This year, about 200 TBAs have been trained by ARCH, and about 40 came from ARCH project villages.
  • Each TBA gets a Dai-peti and a Dai-kit after the training.
  • ARCH trains the TBAs to use appropriate referral and transport services if a woman develops complications at the time of delivery.

Post-Natal Care & Family Planning

  • Visit each mother after home delivery, examine mother and baby, and give treatment if necessary
  • Provide nutrition education, as in these areas women eat roti and salt only for 1 month after delivery.
  • Educate new mothers about different family planning methods

Infant Care & Immunization

  • Advise for exclusive breast-feeding for the first 6 months and for supplementary food when the child is 6 months old. (In these areas women continue only breast-feeding and do not start supplementary food until the child is 1 ½ to 2 years old.)
  • Organize immunization (DPT, Polio, Measles) for all eligible children in collaboration with local nurses.

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